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Existing Large Language Models (LLMs) are overly general and lack specificity. Malted AI works with enterprises to develop highly specialised solutions that solve the hardest domain-specific problems.

How we work

Our partnership model

We combine enterprises’ domain expertise with our world-class knowledge distillation technology to solve the highest-value problems. We distil enterprise-specific Small Language Models (SLMs) to achieve pinpoint accuracy with 10 – 100x cost savings.

Our technology

Knowledge Distillation

High-quality data from a “teacher” system is used to train a network of proprietary “student” SLMs that are optimised for a single problem.

Opposed to general AI that does thousands of tasks moderately well, Malted AI’s SLMs do one task near perfectly.

Use Cases

Search and understanding

Find answers to domain-specific questions over company knowledge.


Support decision making through automated reports and insights.

Information extraction

Real-time extraction of structured information from customer interactions.

Content generation

Personalise the way you communicate with your customers.

With us, you can expect


Achieve ROI on high-value problems where general AI fails.

Custom Design

A partnership model that builds tailored solutions to enterprise problems


Smaller, more efficient models that reduce costs by a factor of 10-100x.


Deploy safely on clients’ VPCs, on-prem, or the Malted AI secure cloud.

Meet Our Founders

Our founding team are leading PhDs that previously won the multi-million-dollar Amazon Alexa Challenge, beating more than 100 teams around the globe. Since then, they have raised investment from leading VCs to build one of Europe’s leading AI company.

Iain Mackie


Carlos Gemmell


Federico Rossetto

Chief of Engineering

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ML Data Annotator

Software Developer


Head of Business Development

Play a crucial role in improving the accuracy and efficiency of our models.

Drive the development of our platform and support the deployment of Machine Learning models at scale.

Design, develop, and implement machine learning models and push the boundaries of knowledge distillation.

Play a key role in driving our growth strategy and expanding our market presence.

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